"Great things happen to those who don't stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful."
- Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart -

Before making a decision to become a member of WREX community,
please scroll down to learn more about WREX!


WREX utilizes in-house developed ETHEREUM 3 Layered Algorithm to invest in ETH pairing markets at Binance Crypto Exchange to increase the 'number' of ETHEREUM.

The algorithm picks any alt coins that would perform better than ETHEREUM at given time, thus the altcoins we pick would drop less compared to ETHEREUM in the bear market, and gains more in the bull market. So, regardless of the market situation, WREX would gain on the number of ETHEREUM every month.

The founder of WREX, Robert Ryu and his Partners, have had great success in increasing their own assets and decided to expand the service to their close friends and family by launching WREX platform in September, 2019. Currently, the platform accepts new members for its new project – [Answer Us 2020] – who believes in the vision and ultimate goals of WREX.

WREX vision is that [the investor and WREX can maximize output by working together] and our prime product, [100 ETH PLAN] is designed to accomplish our vision, together.


100% of all ETHEREUM deposited by our members are invested in WREX portfolio. All monthly profits are distributed 45% to our members' accounts, 5% as referral bonus, and 50% to WREX (45% is used to be re-invested into our members’ 100 ETH PLAN and 5% would be our actual profits after deducting the operation cost)

Because we are distributing only [the monthly profits], as long as we make profit every month, it will be permanent.

[WREX main business profits – Managing WREX ETH Portfolio]
WREX target monthly return is at 10%. If we manage to maintain the average monthly profit at 10%:
[WREX ACCOUNT] 1 ETH invested: grow to 4.87 ETH in 36 months, and 14.03 ETH in 60 months.
[100 ETH PLAN] 1 ETH invested: grow to 22.2 ETH in 36 months, and 176 ETH in 60 months.

This difference between [WREX Account] and our signature [100 ETH PLAN] is the compounding effect that one of the richest man on earth, Warren Buffet, is preaching about over decades.

Read about [the snowball effect].

WREX FEE and How we are utilizing this FEE

The Fee to manage WREX is at 50% on monthly profit. We are using the Fee as follows:

(1) 5% of our fee is used for cost of operation

(2) Matching Fund for [100 ETH PLAN]

As you can see now that the GROWTH RATE of [100 ETH PLAN] is "compounding" faster compared to [WREX Account]. Why? Because in [WREX Account] only 45% of the monthly profit is compounded every month, whereas in [100 ETH PLAN] total of 90% of the monthly profit is compounded every month.

This means, WREX is investing together with our members using your accounts. This also means that WREX won't exit the plan until you do first.

In our words, our main product [100 ETH PLAN] is a joint investment between the members and WREX. Together, we invest, and we enjoy the profits together at the end.


To maximize your return on investment, invest only what you can AFFORD in [100 ETH PLAN]. Affordable means any funds that you can forget about for at least 24 months or even 48 months and beyond.

[Actual Cases]
(1) Member A bought ETHEREUM at USD 200, WREX multiplied the number of ETH by 2. Exit when ETH reached USD 400. Member A made x4
(2) Member B bought ETHEREUM at USD 200, WREX multiplied the number of ETH by 2. Exit when ETH reached USD 800. Member B made x8

Both are actual cases, as WREX discussed on their exit strategy together with the members. They made a good return but leaving two regrets:
They regret (1) that they should have bought more ETH in the beginning and regret (2) that after ETH hit USD 2,000 couple months later, that they should have stayed longer.

The regrets would have bigger impact because we are too focused on the price of ETH. After all, even X4 and X8 is a very good investment. WREX is not about the price of ETH. Fact is, you nor we would not know of the ETH price in the future. Just imagine, WREX service was available 5 years ago and you bought 10,000 ETH (=USD 7,000) and today you are considering to sell your assets at USD 2,000 and thanks to WREX you now have 880,000 ETH (as 100 ETH PLAN would yield x88 over 60 months) to sell. That is 1.7 billion USD!

(1) ONLY invest what you can afford for the next 24months/48months and beyond
(2) Utilize [100 ETH PLAN] where you and WREX invest together
(3) It is a long-term deal!


1. Our ultimate goal is to complete ‘our ETH community’. The closes words representing our community is [unity] and [sharing].

2. The second ultimate goal is to achieve status of complete AI controlled business. WREX currently is 65% automated where human involvements are less needed. Our goal is to improve and become 100% human-free business. Although it sounds senseless and somewhat inhumane, it has much more beneficial factors and therefore meaningful.

When WREX platform reaches 100% AI automation, it presents us two significant meanings.

One, [transparency] – if we can strike out greed and moral hazard, we would gain more trust in the industry thus reaching our first goal faster.
Two, [infinity] – if less human touch is needed, WREX platform to be run all by itself, executing the programmed tasks and members requests, then we would know that WREX platform could run beyond my time and your time and into the next generation.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.